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WHO Tracer is For?

Monitoring Children

It’s not only your right as a parent to know exactly where your child is, what they’re doing, who they’re talking with and what they’re talking about, it’s also quite literally your RESPONSIBILITY. In fact, in some areas parents can be held legally liable for the actions of their children, and in some very severe cases have even faced jail time for seemingly minor offenses such as school truancy. In the digital & hyper politically correct age we live in, it’s critical that you as a parent can prevent problems with your children before they become life ruining events.

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Corporate Espionage & Theft cost companies billions in revenues every year. Loss of productivity due to employees playing around on Facebook & Twitter, chatting on Whatsapp & Skype with friends, playing games, or browsing both legitimate or illegitimate websites such as porn, while on company time cost companies even more. In some Countries and in some Industries recording & storage of both Calls & Messaging is required. Tracer is quite literally the only cross-platform product of it’s kind that can record calls on Symbian, Android & iOS devices – no other product even comes close.

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A common question & concern made by Mobile Phone Monitoring detractors is that for legitimate uses, the product doesn’t need to run hidden in the background. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If your 12 your old child knew you had installed a product that is tracking their whereabouts, chats, calls & other data, do you think they wouldn’t find a way to circumvent this? If your employee knew you were recording their business calls during work hours, wouldn’t they sell your corporate secrets on their personal phone instead? The only way this type of Mobile Monitoring App is effective is if it truly is 100% invisible on the device.

Tracer is perfect for employee tracking and monitoring children.

About Tracer – Mobile Phone Spy App

Disappointed by the Performance (or lack thereof) of a Competing Mobile Phone Spy App? Give Tracer A Try Today Free for 3 days and see why we’re #1 – no strings attached.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which governments, agencies & corporations use our cutting edge Tracer Mobile Phone Spy App. However we can tell you the reason they choose Tracer is because it truly is the highest quality Mobile App of it’s kind. Fortunately Tracer Mobile Phone Spy is now available to everyone, including concerned parents looking to monitor their children as well as companies looking to protect trade secrets and track their employee’s mobile activity to prevent misuse or even device theft. Best of all, Tracer is backed by Killer Mobile a trusted US Based Company who’s been in the business of building Killer Mobile Apps since 2003. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself by downloading an absolutely FREE 3-Day Trial of the best Mobile Phone Spy App available.

Track & Monitor
Nearly Every Mobile Data Point

Facebook Chat,
Photos and Videos
Whatsapp Chat
Viber Recorded Calls
and Chat
Skype Recorded Calls
and Chat
Recorded Phone Calls
and Call Logs
Gallery Photos
and Videos
SMS / Text Messages
GPS and Cell
Sent and Received
Address Book
VK Chat, WeChat, Telegram, BBM Chat

*Skype & Viber Call Recording is currently iOS only

Tracer has every key feature found in competing,

yet more expensive Mobile Surveillance Apps PLUS More…

* 1 month Android/Symbian/iPhone version. Some features are not available on all platforms. See the OS/Device specific product details for full feature specifications

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