Powerful Mobile Phone Spy App for Most Smart Phone Devices including Android spy call recording , BlackBerry spy call recording , Nokia / Symbian spy call recording and Apple iPhone spy call recording

Tracer Android | Android Mobile Spy & Tracking App

Tracer Android | Android Mobile Spy  & Tracking App
Tracer is a powerful device monitoring, tracking & surveilance application for Android Smart Phone devices. With Tracer you can Track GPS Location, Monitor conversations, Track SMS & Call Logs, Record Live Calls & Much More. All Data can be uploaded to our secure, private remote web panel, sent via Email (through our mailservers, not the device) or via SMS / TXT Message.
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Tracer Android Spy & Recorder Uploaded Data StatsCurrently Uploaded

Latest version
  • The Spy Call feature no longer requires root on many Android devices!
  • Spy On Contacts, Call Logs, Emails & More
  • Automatically Backup/Track Call Logs, SMS Logs, Contacts & GPS Location via remote web panel, email or SMS
  • 100% Invisible SMS commands for full application control including audio, video recording, settings changes, real time GPS tracking & more
  • User friendly & feature packed web based interface for viewing and managing ALL uploaded data, which includes 100mb of storage
  • Remotely Trigger Audio Recording via SMS command
  • Remotely Trigger Photos & Video Recording via SMS to be taken and uploaded
  • Remotely monitor SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Record Calls & Ambient Sound and Much More!
  • Data is reported even if deleted on the device!
  • Additional POWER Features for Rooted devices include Running as a System App, enhanced application invisibility, uninstall prevention, gmail tracking, Whatsapp & Facebook Tracking and Spy/Monitor Call

Tracer Android Activity Tracking & Recorder General FeaturesGeneral Features

  • Record Live Calls (On many Android Models & OS version - try a free demo to confirm compatiblity. May require root for ideal call recording quality)
  • Tracer Exclusive After Call recording Feature. Trigger ambient recording automatically after a call from a pre-defined number
  • Discreet Running Application that is virtually undetectable even by tech savvy mobile users
  • Automatically runs on device reboot
  • SIM Change Alerts Via SMS
  • Auto On GPS - Tracks GPS even if it's turned off in the Device Settings!
  • Uninstall Prevention (Requires Root)
  • Responds to Remote, invisible SMS Commands
  • Optional Automatic deletion of uploaded media
  • Monitor/Spy Call (Room Bug allowing you to call in from a preset number & listen to the ambient sounds discreetly) (this feature requires root only on a few Android devices - please contact us for details)
  • Runs as a System Application for improved stability & invisibility (root required)
  • Automatically restarts itself even when shut down by the OS

* A Rooted device is suggested for enhanced stability and features. See www.xda-developers.com for detailed Rooting & Custom ROM information for your particular device.

Tracer Android Spy Data TypesData Types

  • Report Incoming & Outgoing Call Logs (Caller Number/Contact Name, Time & Date)
  • Report Sent & Received SMS / TXT Message Logs (Sender Number/Contact Name, Time & Date)
  • Report New Contacts
  • Report GPS Location or Cell ID Details (when GPS is not available) that can be viewed on a map or sent as a Google Maps formatted URL via SMS. GPS can be reported at it's own set interval independent of the reporting interval
  • Upload Newly Taken Photos
  • Upload Newly Taken Videos
  • Report Whatsapp Chats (requires root)
  • Report Facebook Activity (requires root)
  • Report Facebook Photos (requires root)
  • Report Emails (requires root on OS 2.1 or higher)
  • Report Calendar Activity
  • Report Website Activity
  • Report Viber Chats (requires root)
  • Report Skype Chats (requires root)
  • Automatically Take & Upload Photos at a preset interval
  • Automatically Record & Upload Videos at a preset interval
  • Automatically Record & Upload Audio (ambient/background converations) at a preset interval

Tracer Android Spy Phone App & Call Recorder Flexible Data Reporting/UploadingFlexible Data Reporting/Uploading

  • Upload data to personal, secure remote web panel
  • Send data to a preset Email Address
  • Send data (except media) via SMS / TXT Message
  • No Trace of Data/Email/SMS being sent
  • Report Data in instantly Real time
  • Report Data at a set interval (example: every 2 hours)
  • Report Data at a scheduled time
  • Report Data Manually via SMS Trigger

Tracer Android Mobile Phone Spy Remote FeaturesRemote Features

  • Remotely trigger a Photo or Video via SMS Command (Mobile Surveilance)
  • Remotely Trigger Audio Recording 100% discreetly via SMS Command (Remote room bug)
  • Remotely Configure Settings from Web Panel
  • Remote Uninstall (requires root) - Coming Soon
  • Robust Set of SMS commands for general application interaction & configuration

Tracer Android Spy & Recorder Web Panel Web Panel

  • NEW!!! Keyword search feature - search for any keywords in your web panel account data and view the results nicely organized and structured
  • 100% secure & private with 99.99% uptime!
  • View live GPS Details (when app is configured to do so) on a map, including past GPS history
  • Cell ID (when GPS is not available)
  • Search Chat & SMS Logs by Keyword
  • Sortable Data
  • Bulk Download Options
  • 100 MB of Media Storage
  • Remotely Configure Application Settings directly from your Panel Account
  • Send Remote SMS commands directly from the panel (First 5 messages are free)
  • Set a GPS Leash/Fence for the target device and receive an SMS or Email alert when the device enters or leaves the area
  • Support for multiple devices in a single panel account
TRacer Web Panel Screenshot

Tracer Android Spyphone & Recorder Screenshots Screenshots

Tracer Android Mobile Phone Spy & Recorder Compatible Call Recording Device List Compatible Devices

Recording Compatibility Notes | Not All Compatible Android Devices Listed

Some devices may only support Call Recording directly from the microphone. Many other devices can support full two-sided call recording out of the box. Some devices may not support call recording while using a Bluetooth Headset. Unfortunately not every Android device will support Call Recording, so please confirm prior to purchase.

Strategy A
Droid Eris (desirec) Droid Incredible
Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) Evo Shift
G1 (dream) General Mobile DSTL1
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16i) SHW-M110S
Samsung Captivate Mytouch (sapphire)
Motorola XT701 Motorola Milestone 2 (os 2.2) umts_milestone2
LG Optimus One (OS 2.2) thunderg, thunderc Meizu M9
Motorola Charm (umts_basil) Motorola Defy (jordan)
LG GT540 (reported on OS 1.6 & 2.3.4) LG GW620 (reported on OS 1.6)
Huawei IDEOS U8150 (T-Mobile Comet) HTC Wildfire (marvel)
HTC Sensation (pyramid) HTC Tattoo (tattoo)
HTC Magic (magic) HTC Legend (legend)
HTC Evo HTC Dream
HTC Desire (bravo) HTC Desire HD (ace)
HTC Desire Z LG Optimus G
Huawei HUAWEI-M920
Strategy B
LG-MS690 Goapple 3G
ZTE Blade ZTE N720
Spice Mi 310 Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 / Arc / Anzu
T989 **** Samsung Galaxy Epic 4g Touch (SPH-D710)
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (os 2.2.1)
Samsung Galaxy 5 (galaxy5) LG Optimus C (LG-LW690)
LG Vortext (vortex) Samsung Galaxy S3 **
i9300 (Global S3) ** SCH-I535 (Verizon) **
SGH-T999 (T-Mobile Galaxy S3) ** SPH-L710 (Sprint Galaxy S3) ***
SGH-i747 (AT&T Galaxy S3) ** Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)
Sony Ericsson Xperia V Galaxy S4 Mini
Auto Dictaphone Recording + Strategy B
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / X10 Mini / X10 Pro / X8 Xperia X8(E15i)
Xperia X8(shakira) Xperia Arc(LT15i)
Xperia Arc(SO-01C) Xperia Neo(MT15i)
Xperia X10(SO-01B) Xperia X10(SonyEricssonSO-01B)
Xperia X10(X10a) Xperia X10(X10i)
Xperia Arco(SO-02C) Xperia Play(R800i)
Xperia X10 Mini(E10i) Xperia X10 Mini Pro(U20i)
Xperia X10 Mini Pro (mimmi)
Strategy C
Dell Streak 5 (streak) Galaxy S2 ****
Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 ****
HTC Hero (hero) SHW-M250K
SHW-M250L SC-02C
GT-I9103 GT-I9100T
Galaxy Tab Galaxy S 2
Galaxy Note (N7000) **** Galaxy Y Dual SIM (os 2.3.6)
Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 (3GP format) Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (3GP format)
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (GT-B5512)
Strategy E
Samsung i717 running ICS (coming soon)
Requires Custom ROM/Kernel/Libs w/Rooted Device
HTC Desire; requires root and custom kernel/ROM
HTC legend using Blayo 0.7 ROM & Bluetooth Only
HTC Thunderbolt running Das BAMF ROM (Strategy A with no checkboxes checked on the advanced settings screen)
Motorola Defy (non Chinese Version); requires Chinese 2.2 ROM or replacing libraries http://ufims.com/Zb7ML/libaudio.rar
Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S & Variants) with strategy B. Requires replacing libraries http://ufims.com/Zb7ML/libaudio.rar
ZTE Blade (a.k.a. Orange San Francisco); requires custom ROM from http://android.modaco.com/content-page/323154/rom-oled-tft-flb-froyo-g2-for-zte-blade/page/680/
Important Notes
This recording list sums up the compatible Android devices with one Caveat...
Other devices may or may not record calls properly. We update this list frequently. ALL other devices will support all other Tracer Android features.
** If running Jellybean 4.1.1 requires root
*** Requires Root if running 4.1.1(2)/Jellybean
**** Requires root if running ICS
Please download the demo prior to purchase
Installation notes
* Please note, that your device must be set to install from unknown sources. To enable this go to Settings -> Security and check the "Unknown Sources" check box.
License & Registration Terms

The Purchase of Tracer is for use on a single device. We allow a free device change in the event of theft, loss or device upgrade. Application must be removed completely from the previous device prior to license transfer.

Web panel data is available for 90 days after license expiration, after which the account and all data associated with it will be deleted.

LEGAL USE NOTICE: Tracer is an application designed to enhance the productivity of the device(s) the application(s) is installed on. Your use and or purchase of the aforementioned applications is your acceptance of our policy to only use the application(s) in a legal fashion, to obey your local laws, and your acknowledgment that you are aware of your local laws regarding each application's use. If you are in doubt, please contact your local law enforcement agency, or local legal counsel. Installation of Total Recall, TRacer or SecureMe must only be performed on device(s) for which you are the rightful owner, and under no circumstances are to be installed on a third party device, or a device for which you are not the owner.

Killer Mobile Software LLC will not be held responsible and accepts no liability for any unlawful or illicit use of any of it's applications, and will use any technique available to prevent continued unlawful use including deactivation of the license or the remote web account where any data may be stored in the event a complaint is received.

Legitimate use can include: Device Anti-Theft & Security, Employee Activity Tracking, Data Backup, Call Recording (where and when legal - consult your local one and two party recording laws) and Law Enforcement use.

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